Garden Residents of the Week


Mr. Froggy – Mr. Froggy has a cute porch at his house where he visits with his bird friends and Squeasel. He is super silly and always smiling. When he is not on his porch you’ll find him taking a bath in the bird bath or hopping around to see how everyone is doing.

Mr. Robin – Thoughtful and mindful Mr. Robin is our garden storyteller who shares what’s happening in the garden. He loves to sit in Cotoneaster where can preen, sing, and catch-up on the latest with his friends. His stories are accompanied by Bird Girl’s sketches. He loves eating the raisins that Bird Girl leaves for him.

Pepper – Arriving after the Helmet Heads in the fall, Pepper and his friends hang out with their garden friends during winter. Pepper has a silly laser like chirping sound that he makes. He loves to hangout near the bird bath and the lilac. He leaves for his summer home when spring arrives.

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