Summer Update

Drawing of Squeasel Sitting on Fence in Chattering Birds Garden
Squeasel Enjoying a Beautiful Summer Day

Summer is in full swing in the garden.  Everything is calm, peaceful, and comforting.  Lady Robin builds nests in Willow, Bird Hotel, and Pear Tree.  Lady Robin and Mr. Robin show their babies how to spot wiggling worms under the soil, find the best spots to take sun baths, locate the juiciest apples, and see where the raisins magically appear.  When autumn arrives, the babies will have all of these handy tools so that they will be ready to head out on their own adventures in the garden.  Scout buzzes from flower to flower enjoying the nectar and resting occasionally on a tiny stem or leaf.  All of the plants and trees are in full bloom and Gentle Stream is softly gurgling.  When the birdies want to escape the heat of the sun, they head to the cool air of Peaceful Forest where only the occasional sound of house finch rustling through the leaves and branches on the forest floor is heard.  Even Squeasel is out and about enjoying tasty snacks and taking naps under the shade of Willow.  Bird Hotel, one of the biggest trees in the garden, and the place to stay for the summer, is at its peak with bird guests enjoying quiet afternoons on her branches swaying in the gentle breeze.  At the end of each day, everyone gathers at the top of Bird Hotel to watch the colorful sunset.