Garden Characters of the Week

Baby Betty – Cute little birdie who is light enough to sit on the lavender stems. She and her friends love to take baths, eat the Bird Cushion seeds and sit on the branches in the winter facing the sun where they resemble beautiful leaves.

The Barron – Quiet and sensitive The Barron loves to take a sip from the bird bath and sit high in the trees where he loves to preen. He makes a beautiful sound when he is flying around and for fun he loves to swoop in large circles in the air.

Bird Cushions – Lovely Bird Cushions are beautiful summer flowers that are available in different beautiful colors and varieties. They are the perfect place for the smaller birdies like Baby Betty or Scout to sit and rest on a cozy place and of course provide tasty nectar to the bees and Scout and seeds for Baby Betty and her friends. Bird Girl sketches the beautiful flowers, saves the seeds, and also makes a note of their beautiful colors that she uses as inspiration for decorating.

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